I am a South Jersey based mom, wife, day-dream believer, and wedding photographer, working in the tri-state area and traveling for my couples anywhere they need.
Our work makes statements, yet soft and delicate, and features the beautiful natural scenery of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware mostly. We love to photograph in natural and eclectic environments such as woods, rustic barns, gardens, lovely estates, and so much more. We are also partial to stunning ballrooms and venues. 

You've learned a little about the company, now let's dive into me, the owner and lead photographer for Happily Ever Captured Photography, LLC, Nikki Halter.


Some of you know me, and if you don't, hiiiiii and welcome to my website. I started my business during that awful pandemic in 2020, opening my doors to families only in fall and winter of that year. Fast forward a year, and having worked some weddings, I quickly grasped that the thing that ignited my passion and sparked my creativity the most was weddings! Now, that's what I do most, but families, I still love you and always have room for you and your kiddos, as a mom and wife myself. Now, let's talk favorites in the next section. Let's find some common ground! 

Get to know your photographer!

Ok, now it's time to get personal. Since you're looking for me, you should get to know me, right? Check out these slides to see some of my absolute favorite things and a little about how I do things as a photographer.
Let's start with my style in photography:
There are many photographers who inspire me. Amongst them are only a few that I truly look up to consistently because their style is just like mine. That style is truly vivid, true-color, high-resolution, clear photos that tell a story of the day we had together.  

and my favorites

my style

My goal is to give you photos you not only cherish, but will place on your walls and rotate out occasionally, because you just can't decide which ones you love the most. 
I edit in-camera for 99% of my shots so what I show you is what you'll see in real life, the way it should be. 

vivid and clear

my design style

My absolute favorite drink is this pink drink I have combined with a clean, energy boosting one. The flavor is to die for and I don't get a crash later, plus it's plant based so yay! 
Snack is hard but I would say almonds and a good, sharp cheese, or a cranberry-orange scone. #drool

drink and snack

my go-to

I became an assistant to a photographer close to my town. When I did that, I realized that it truly sparked joy. It gave me a light that I didn't know existed or was in search of.
I had no other choice but to embrace that passion and that fire has only grown brighter and larger. I am so happy to be pursuing a dream of something I love!


why i became a

Fall is my favorite season of the year, hands down. I love the snuggly clothing, the scarves for days, the basic pumpkin spice latte and tall brown leather boots, fall festivals, and carmel apples. I could live in that forever. Some love it for the fall foliage. That's the photographer reason I love it, but I love it because it's bon-fire season too.

is autumn

my favorite season

Another hands-down, no-competition answer for me here is Cape May, NJ. It's such a quaint little town with something for everyone. It lends beauty and class, as well as fashion and fun. It also caters to the foodie within, or the pub crawler. As a peninsula, it offers much to the photographer as well, with all the ocean and bay waters surrounding it. P.S. I honeymooned there when I got married. :)
Nashville is much further away for me, but when I can get away to another state, that's my go-to favorite place to visit, but if it's winter-time, I absolutely LOVE the Pocono Mountains of PA.

places to visit

my favorite

Nashville serves as an inspiration to me photo-wise. The amount of eclectic structures and designs in this city was mind-blowing! There was so much that didn't belong, yet it did. There were people that didn't seem to fit in, but did. 
To my surprise, this town had way more to offer than just music, bars and food. The city was fully embracing me, and I, it. I came back from Nashville in May 2021, a completely different person with a whole new outlook on my photography business and what I was doing with it. I can proudly say that I take eclectic photos that seamlessly work together in your galleries and I can't wait to meld that for you to show you what that can look like. That being said, no matter who you are, we can be the right fit, and I can't wait to do that with you!

This photo was taken of me in Nashville, TN, in The Gulch. This city owns a little piece of my soul.

Like I said, I love to travel!


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